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Is someone reading your SMS and listening to your phone conversations?

August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

There is a new project out there that will make it possible for anyone to listen to your GSM cellular phone conversations, read SMS message, etc. GSM is very popular; it is used on AT&T, T-Mobile and many others. GSM uses A5/1 encryption which has been known to be vulnerable to attacks for years. Karsten Nohl is simply starting a project that uses these old vulnerabilities to index enough information so anyone can easily decrypt the conversations without knowing the encryption key. Will this light a fire under cellular network designers to make their systems more secure?

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AT&T doesn’t like your Jailbroken iPhone

August 18, 2009 29 comments

Today, AT&T sent out the following text:

We need your help regarding your iPhone account. Your iPhone does not currently have the necessary data plan required for all iPhones. Please call us by Sept. 14. Just dial 611. We appreciate your business.

Personally I don’t think this will go well for AT&T. People with iPhones but no data plan are doing it for a reason. They want the cool new phone without spending all the extra money. They aren’t bogging down AT&T’s network at all and any cellular data they use, they are charged for. It seems like a non-issue to me. If they really plan on doing anything, they better expect a lot of people to switch to T-Mobile, since I’m sure T-Mobile doesn’t care one bit if people are using iPhones on their network.

Apple has been warning jailbreakers that they are a risk to national security for some time now. I guess it was time AT&T started going after people too.

For now I would suggest people ignore AT&T, but I am not a lawyer. If you do call them, however, leave a comment and let us know what they say.

Update: It seems a lot of people have gotten this message, so I have been doing a little research. I found an interesting post that explains AT&T’s policy. It seems like if you don’t have a data plan at all, it won’t matter since they are only going to disrupt data service. I could be wrong though.

As a side note, I don’t see why AT&T has to know you are using an iPhone. If someone has any ideas on how to block the iPhone from sending that sort of information to AT&T, let us know. Also, if someone has a spare iPhone they want to donate, I’ll do some research on how to stop that information from being sent to AT&T. No promises, but I’ll do my best!

Another Update (Sept. 1, 2009): Avoid an interruption to your data service

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