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“Avoid an interruption of your data service”

September 1, 2009 3 comments

AT&T Free Msg: Important information! Your iPhone does not currently have the necessary data plan required for all iPhones. Plase call us by Sept. 14 to avoid an interruption of your data service. Our reps are ready for your call. Just dial 611. We appreciate your business.

They are at it again. AT&T sent the above SMS out this morning to all iPhones without the proper service plan. This mean they want to force you to purchase a data plan for you iPhone you either bought off eBay (or wherever) which is not under contract with AT&T. If you don’t have a data plan at all, will it matter that you have interrupted data service? I doubt it. Can they legally do this, add a service to your plan without your consent? Well, it is possible, but why even find out. Why not just switch service providers to another GSM provider that doesn’t care. This is the great part about competition and a free-market economy.

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