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Guide to HElib (#3)

June 19, 2013 80 comments

To demonstrate HElib and to be able to better play with some of the settings, I’ve written a simple application which implements a RPN calculator. You can grab a copy of it on the thep downloads page. You’ll have to modify Makefile to point the HElib variable to the proper directory. Compile by typing make and run it by typing ./HEcalc. You’ll then be able to do things like:





at which point it should return 12.

This is a very preliminary version of HEcalc. I haven’t done anything with ciphertext packing, etc. The purpose of this code is to demonstrate how to add, subtract, and multiply encrypted numbers (along with how to encrypt, decrypt, etc). Play with it some. You’ll notice that by changing the value of L you’ll be able to do more multiplications without the error becoming too great to properly decrypt. You can do as many additions as you want (basically) as the error grows very slowly with additions. Another thing you’ll see when playing with this is that when you decrypt a value, you actually get a number of copies of that value. This is due to ciphertext packing (i.e., storing many values in the same ciphertext). This allows you to do SIMD operations. I hope to detail ciphertext packing and SIMD in the next post. Until then, feel free to use the comments to ask questions about HEcalc and I’ll answer as best as I can.


thep: Negative Numbers

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I was playing around with negative numbers in thep the other day and wrote up a wiki page. Check it out.

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thep: Users Guide

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve started a document on thep which I am calling a users guide. Check it out and learn how to use thep to compute on encrypted integers. thep:UserGuide

In related news, DARPA is sponsoring a program called PROCEED (PROgramming Computation on EncryptEd Data). Sounds really cool and I wish I had the opportunity to get involved. Guess I’ll have to see. BTW, who comes up with those DARPA acronyms anyways? The PROCEED one isn’t too bad, but I’ve seen worse.

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