Intro to GNURadio and USRP

Below is an index to the various posts I’ve done on GNURadio and the USRP. Posts with a (*) next to the name means it requires a USRP radio. The rest can be done with no special hardware, just GNURadio.

Part 0 – Code Repository
In this post I show where to download the source I’ll be using in the various posts.

Part 1 – A Simple Path
GNURadio works by creating a flow graph with paths between various sources and sinks. In this post, I create a simple sender to receiver path that includes a channel simulator. There are a number of parameters you can play with. In this post I use gnuradio-companion (the GNURadio GUI).

Part 2 – Visualizing the Waves
In this post, we look at visualizing waveforms as they would be transmitted through the air. There are a number of parameters you can play with to experiment and learn.

Part 3 – UHD
How to install UHD and GNURadio from source (necessary for part 5 and possibly others)

Part 4 – Message blocks
How to use message blocks to interact with GNURadio.

Part 5 – Simple transceiver
A simple transceiver which uses UHD. It also provides programmatic access to raw signal strength (useful for a CSMA/CA MAC) and average signal strength (useful for RSSI value).

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